Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday Rite Aid Run!!!

Monday's only mean one thing...Rite Aid!!!  However, I was a bit disappointed this week and did not get much.  Pictured above, I bought 2 Reach toothbrushes, 3 bottles of HE shampoo, 2 bottles of HE spray gel, and 1 bottle of HE hairspray.  I also bought 3 Mead notebooks, 2 cans of Lays stackers, and a box of Nilla Wafers (not pictured, eaten by the monkeys before we even got home)!  A retail value of $52.22.  I had coupons for the HE that totaled $12 and $2 off in coupons on the toothbrushes.  AdPerks, found on the RiteAid website, are great coupons that you get for watching a short commercial for a product and then RiteAid gives you a coupon that is completely stackable with manufacturers coupons.  So I had another $1 of the Reach toothbrushes using an AdPerk Coupon.  AdPerks also gave me $1 off any purchase which I paired with a $3 +UpRewards Coupon.  OOP I paid $6.06, but I received back $5 in +UpRewards, so it was like I paid $1.06 for over $50 worth of merchandise!!!

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