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Since 1918, Giant Eagle® has been serving communities the freshest foods at everyday low prices.

Giant Eagle's Coupon Policy - -

GE Tip #1:  An important note about Giant Eagle's coupon policy.  This policy is for cooperate owned stores ONLY!!!  Some stores in our area are individually owned (i.e. Ebensburg) and may have a different coupon policy (again Ebensburg).  Make sure your know if your store follows the coupon policy above and always be sure to print out the policy and keep a copy with you!

GE Tip #2:  Read the deals carefully.  GE has been a bit sneaky lately in their wording.  Watch for deals like buy so much and get $X amount off your next shopping order (OYNSO).  They have been using "buy 6 or more, buy 5 or more".  Make sure to seperate your transactions when you see wording like this to get the most out of your purchases. 
           Here is an example: Last week they were selling Hamburger Helper, when if you bought "5 or more" you got $2 off your next meat purchase.  I bought 18 and seperated them into 3 transactions.  This allowed me to get 3 $2 off meat coupons.  If I would have kept them in the same transaction, I would have only gotten 1 $2 off meat coupon. 

Keep an eye out for new tips!

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