Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A trip to Walmart..Doesn't happen to often any more.

Well, I don't visit Walmart to often anymore, but I made a trip with baby boy today.  We got a lot for the amount we paid and overall, it was a good tip.   Mainly because for the first time, I did not have to argue with the cashier over their coupon policy.

A lot, right?  10 bottles of soda, a bag of cheese, apples, pepperoni, juice boxes, bread, Tide, french fries, 3 bags of carrots.  Retail : $36.96, after coupons, I paid: $13.62.  A savings of $23.34, or 63%.

How did I do it?  Some was from in-store specials, like I saved a dollar on the apples.  The 8 bottles of Dr. Pepper were free from a coupon, "Try Dr. Pepper TEN for free"  SS 10/9 or 10/16.  The rest came from the fabulous savings from the $2/1 Tide product from P&G 10/30.  Since Walmart gives you the full coupon value, I bought the smallest Tide possible (travel size $.97 each) and the additional $1.03 was taken off my total purchase.

I love how baby boy is eyeing up the soda in the background!  Really he was begging for an "pap-ple"!

Happy shopping!

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