Valu-King/Save-A-Lot/Randy's BiLo

Save-A-Lot Coupon Policy

From their website:
Yes. Save-A-Lot honors manufacturer coupons for national brand items carried in our stores. Coupons should be used by the expiration date listed.
Regarding Save-A-Lot's Coupon Policy, we operate over 800 independent licensed stores, so each store tends to have its own coupon policy.  Your best bet is to contact the store and ask about their exact coupon policy and they’ll be more than happy to clarify.

Corporately we try and accept internet and manufacturer’s coupons (one per item), we do NOT double, but your best bet for the most up-to-date info is
always to contact the local store.

Market Basket, Ideal Market, Randy’s BiLo and Valu-King do not have printed coupon policies and nothing available on their websites.  It is best to contact the store with specific questions regarding their policies. 
This is what I do know: 
·        They all accept manufacture’s coupons.  Market Basket and Valu – King DO NOT accept internet coupons.  (I do not know if the rest take internet coupons, as I have never used them at any of these particular stores.) 
·        Randy’s BiLo DOES double coupons up to 99 cents.  The rest DO NOT double coupons.
·        As far as I can tell, Valu-King does not limit the number of like coupons that you use in an order.  (I have used as many as 12 like coupons in one order with no problems.)