Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Welcome to my couponing blog!  I hope to share some of my insight with you on getting the most out of couponing, all while building up my food storage.  Some of you may ask where the food storage idea comes from, or who this Spencer W. Kimball guy is that is quoted on the main page of my blog.  Well, I am a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Spencer W. Kimball was the 12th president of our church.  As part of self-reliant living, a great principle and human characteristic that our church encourages, it is taught that we should have always have a continuous food supply (and also, water, clothes, fuel, etc) that would last us for one year.  Why you may ask, would anyone want to storage enough food that would last an entire year?  Taken from one of our manuals: "The counsel to have a year’s supply of food, clothing, and other necessary items is wise counsel for several reasons. A disaster such as a flood, an earthquake, or a snowstorm could hit a city or an entire region, cutting off roads and making it impossible for food and other items to be transported to the markets. Political unrest or strikes by truckers, shippers, or rail workers could interfere with the transport of foods. Other types of disasters, such as famine resulting from drought, hurricanes, floods, and even wars, have occurred in many countries and could occur again. When such disasters affect the entire community, food and other supplies often cannot be obtained, even if money is available. A family can also experience an emergency in the form of illness or unemployment that results in a lack of income, making it necessary to rely on home storage."  Pretty good reasoning, right?  So, here is my blog!  Enjoy!  Provide feed back!  And above all, SAVE MONEY!!!

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